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The eye is one of the most sophisticated organs in the body. Not only is the eye socket one of the most sophisticated joints allowing a complete range of eye movement, the eye itself is the most complex structure in the body. As a result, ophthalmology has been subdivided into many subspecialties such as cornea, glaucoma, retina, and neuro-ophthalmology to name a few.

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Adult Retina

At Retina and Vitreous of Texas, you will receive the most sophisticated and comprehensive patient care of adult retinal diseases. Our practice participated in many published pivotal studies of novel retinal medical and surgical therapies over the last 25 years. We continue to participate in clinical trials to offer the latest advancement in disease management and treatment. No matter how common a clinical condition may be, we approach each patient with the highest level of individual attention, consideration, and evaluation. Our depth of experience and collective expertise allows us to personalize the treatment techniques appropriate for each individual. Our highly trained subspecialty ophthalmologists diagnose and treat a myriad of retinal and macular diseases. 

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Pediatric Retina

The diagnosis and treatment of childhood retinal diseases is a unique offering at Retina and Vitreous of Texas which many other retina practices do not offer. We realize the significant impact sight has on children and the families who care for them. Three of our physicians, Eric Holz, MD, Emmanuel Chang, MD PhD and Prethy Rao, MD MPH currently maintain active pediatric retina practices. Many pediatric patients in the Texas region have been treated by our group. We are able to offer the latest in the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment, and ongoing evaluation of all pediatric retinal diseases.

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In-Office Diagnostic Testing

RVT offers the latest diagnostic tools and services to correctly diagnose and evaluate your retinal condition, including digital photography techniques, scanning laser technologies, and ultrasound imaging. 

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Our retina specialists are expert surgeons and will sometimes treat your retinal condition with surgery. 

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In-Office Treatments

Our physicians are trained to provide the latest in-office procedures to treat a wide variety of retinal conditions, including pharmaceutical therapies, laser treatments, and cryotherapy procedures.

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